Co Bro Founders

Brothers of Tourism

Greg Girard working remotely on the Dempster Highway in Northwest Territories, Canada.

Greg Girard in NWT

Colin Girard researching remotely on Haida Gwaii BC Canada

Brothers of Tourism celebrating tourism in Canada

Brothers of Tourism road trip in the Maple Leaf RV

Our Story

Colin Girard, started with one little tourism website in a small town on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada in 1997. Greg Girard joined in 2003. At that time the brothers were encouraged by their advertising clients to expand their program to other smaller communities on the island. So they did one better. The brothers expanded their tourism platform throughout all of British Columbia, Canada. Then they decided to sell the farm, and continue east researching Canada for a national platform developing their technology and training programs. Their research covered over 1200+ small communities coast-to-coast-to-coast,  5000+ parks, trails, beaches and historic sites and accumulated over 14,000 photos and videos. In 2020, they arrived back in BC and started putting their research together.

The Next Chapter

From their research the brothers created a national and international award-winning travel and tourism platform. It is currently the largest and only national booking and planning adventure website made in Canada… and it is not government. In 2019-2022 they developed, implemented, tested and proved that their Experience Community small town marketing and training platform is a big winner, well exceeding all expectations. So much so, it was awarded “Best In Canada” and “Best in British Columbia”. Recently, they started the Adventure Seeker Club. It is the fastest growing travel and adventure online club and influencer program.


In the last 2 years they have won many awards for their national website, small town content marketing and training program, as well as, their adventure tourism influencer program. Currently, they continue to bring their proven platforms and training programs to more small communities and small businesses throughout Canada.

“Top Website 2022” TGE Awards – “Best Travel Planning Platform 2022” New World Report – “Safest Websites for Travel Users in 2022!” Surly – “Best Adventure Vacation Planner 2022” Canadian Business Awards by Corporate Vision – “2021 Best Canadian Inbound Travel & Tourism Marketing Business” Lux Life Hospitality Awards – 2021 Canada Prestige Award for the “Marketing Program of the Year” – 2021 BC Economic Development Association “Best Community Project Award (under 20,000 population)”- “2021 Top 100 Global Power Influencer” #cloud Influencers – “2020 Best Nationwide Adventure Travel Company” AI Travel Awards – Ranked #23 “2020 Top 1000 Global Travel Blogs” Global Rise – “Top 20 Canadian Travel Website To Watch (2019)” Feed Spot

Greg Gug Girard

Chief Growth Officer

Professional Experience

Greg was previously employed as an International Marketing Director for a software development company based in Edmonton, Alberta and Dresden Germany.

Areas of Practice

Greg is skilled in online, and print marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, blogging, social media, public speaking, tourism research, and small town tourism programs and projects.


Greg enjoys researching Canada and adventure tourism activities like snowboarding, backpacking, road trips, wilderness camping, mountain biking, photography and golfing.

Colin Ducky Girard

“Keeper of the Code”

Professional Experience

Colin was previously employed in management at a major Alberta, Canada ski resort.

Areas of Practice

Colin is skilled in all aspects of website coding, website design, search engine optimization and new technologies.


Colin enjoys researching Canada and adventure tourism activities like fishing, road trips, drones, mountain biking, golfing and snowboarding.

Areas of Expertise

Canada Tourism Marketing –  Community Economic Development – Community Marketing – Travel and Tourism Research – Strategic Plans –  Marketing Plans – Economic Development – Content Marketing – Training – Project Management – Public Speaking – Social Media and we are big supporters of thinking differently and implementing pride into a community.