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Canada Community Marketing Programs and Training

Canada Community Marketing & Training Programs – EH Canada Marketing Group (EHCMG) have developed a national and provincial award winning suite of authentic customizable programs and training modules designed specially for small to mid-size communities in Canada. The first-to-market interactive real-time programs focus on tourism and economic development, as well as, marketing individual tourism businesses, clubs, adventure groups, non profits, events, tourism associations and more.


Thoughtful, creative, kind and well, just everything you would expect from these guys who are doing such an amazing job promoting Canada to the world.” Ged Brown – Low Season Traveller

Experience Community Program

National and provincial award-winning tourism and economic development authentic content marketing and social media platform and training program created for small towns.

Canada Influencer Marketing Agency

Invite proven Canadian adventure travel, tourism and/or adventure influencers to your small town to tell your story using effective and authentic videos, blogs, talk show and/or photos.

Join The Adventure Seeker Club

Join the Canada Adventure Seeker Club! Meet monthly, connect with others, share travel tips, create content, and learn new skills. A proven influencer marketing & training program.

Travel Talk Community

Canada’s only interactive live scrolling travel talk community publishing real-time stories, blogs, galleries, travels, adventures, and activities in real-time by real people from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Moose Academy

Meet Professor Moose of the Moose Academy. Canada’s online resource training library for small towns and businesses with lessons and courses about social media, search engines, websites, and more.


Canada’s new customizable interactive e-commerce shopping mall for selling products and services online 24/7. Start building your store today. Designed for Canadian small businesses and small towns.

What People Say About Our Canada Community Programs, Platforms and Planning ...

Best Marketing Program In Canada

“[i]n a relatively short space of time [Tourism Nicola Valley] has clearly created something unique in the market that is making a big difference to people in the community. The program is both informative and educational and really helps put a focus on local businesses and what they do well. There is no question [that] the program will encourage more to visit the region. We are very pleased to recognize [this] hard work.” Tom Avon, Canada Prestige Awards

Best Community Marketing Program In BC

“the BCEDA has given these awards to individuals and groups who have dedicated their time to community-based economic development. These awards recognize BCEDA members’ outstanding work in supporting their local economies, and making a meaningful difference in their communities.” Dale Wheeldon, BCEDA President and CEO

Winning Focus

“You have created a winning focus on showcasing all the beauty and splendor that your region has to offer to an audience that has spanned the globe, all while positively impacting your local community as well. I wish you all the best as you celebrate these outstanding achievements. ” Blake Richards Federal MP

Best Program

” Best program we have seen in these parts for some time, and by these parts, I mean British Columbia, Canada. Unique, fun, informative and connects community with tourism. Well done!” Theo Joseph

Best Thing

“This is the best thing that’s happened in [our community] is the past 10 years! With the help of some amazing volunteers, the city is being promoted around the world.”  Shelley Sanders, Canadian Country Music Heritage Society.

Easy To Book A Trip

“The new website will allow those both near and far to see for themselves what we have to offer. The spotlight will be placed on local businesses and organizations to promote products, services and events. The exposure will entice people to visit and support these hardworking folks in the valley. The program makes it easy to book a trip to the region, with recommendations and insights from local resident bloggers.”  Jackie Tegart MLA – Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Ensure A Stronger Future

“This volunteer community engagement effort has brought the community together to ensure a better, stronger future!” BC Business Magazine

Just Brilliant

“This is just some kind of brilliant! The people not cities marketing communities. Makes so much sense they live, work and play in the community. They are passionate about the community. Just brilliant.” Jennifer Huher

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