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Because each community’s needs and wants are different, and our programs and training opportunities are very customizable, the best way to connect with us is to contact us so we may listen and discuss your individual challenges and opportunities.

Every online working tourism model on the market today is built for urban centres. These models are big and they require high levels of staff with good skills and time to dedicate to the platforms and programs. Then there is the funding issue. Large urban marketing programs come with high costs to implement and to maintain.

Our online tourism marketing model is built for small towns. It is economical. It is proven. It is efficient. It produces good results. It puts small towns on the same playing field as urban centres without the costs. It involves the locals. It creates community pride. It was designed so you do not have extra pressures on your community in the form of extra staff, time, skills and funding. And it has won a national and provincial award for small town community marketing programs.

Select a tourism and/or economic development program that fits your community, not one where the community tries to fit the program.

Influencer marketing with us is very effective, as our influencers are trained monthly on content marketing skills and techniques so your content does well on the first page of search engines, image searches and social media.

To hire an influencer or influencers depends on your location, the number of businesses involved, length of stay and content type. Start with contacting us with the name of your community, proposed dates and the type of package (region, community or a group of businesses, attractions, and activities). From there we can discuss packages, price and availability.

It is easy to sign up, register and create a business listing on our award winning travel and adventure planning and booking website. Go to our sign up page. Select a package. Follow the steps and fill out the fields. Proceed to payment window.

Once you are registered as a tourism business, you will be able to customize your listing, access your travel profile, access our content marketing tools, our training library, and e-commerce platform.

Yes, that is a vital element in any and everyone of our marketing programs, platforms and training courses. Our platforms and training programs have a large element of social media included in the process.  We manage, maintain and promote social media channels for tourism associations, communities and small businesses. We have conducted many presentations about social media for groups.

We have a long history in print marketing techniques and design. We are experienced in newspaper, magazine, brochure, poster, billboard, and other forms of print marketing. All design work is in house, so we can pay attention to detail.

For business listings and website advertising we prefer Visa or Master Card credit cards. For larger infrastructure, internet and community projects we accept cheques. We are also available to set up e-transfers for payment.

Every tourism website is different depending on the size of your business, markets you want to target, the level of interactivity, competitiveness of the market, and the time you have available to commit to building your website. Like any project communication is key and quick response time is vital.

What we would require from you, and what we will be talking about a lot, is text – lots and lots of text. Why? Because you know your business best. You know your customers the best. You know your surrounding area the best. We know search engines best so we will edit your text for search engine optimization.

We will also want photos, videos, social media channels and a good copy of  your logo.

Absolutely. We can have our technicians take a look and provide you a report for a nominal fee.

As you probably know , not everyone can be an influencer with us. We set a high bar for all who want to join. Why? Because our skills training is very detailed and extensive, and a lot of effort is put into it so influencers do well, so only those we believe have what it takes are invited to join.

We have a registration form we ask all to complete and send in. Every two months we welcome new influencers to the club and embark on our training program. However, we are a high interaction club with guidelines that must be met to participate and to continue as an influencer. This is no sit-on-the-fence group.

Working With Us

Most definitely! We find it very hard to believe that some companies out there offer community marketing advice and expertise, and yet have never set foot in your community, or on your trails or paddle down your rivers and on your lakes. We are no such company. In fact, there is a very high possibility we have already stayed in your community, hiked your trails, paddled your waterways, during our 12 year cross Canada small town study.

Depending on the program, we will definitely want to come to you. Our programs like the Experience Community platform and training program and the influencer program require onsite visits, research and interaction with the locals.

Plus… between you and us, we love a good road trip! Lets make it happen.

Our main Head Office (Base Camp) is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.

However, the founders are  all over the map, on the road in Canada 11 months of the year living life in hotel rooms or in their cherished Maple Leaf RV.  On the road, the founders, are currently working with participating communities implementing small town marketing platforms and training programs.

Our tourism and community influencers are scattered throughout Canada.

As little as possible, if we can help it. It all depends on the services, platforms and/or training programs you decide on.

For advertising a tourism business listing? It is as low as a $5 burger a month.

When it comes to our community marketing platform and training program our pricing structure is based on a sliding scale depending on the size of your community, the number of businesses, or if you are joining communities to market the region?

For community tourism and adventure influencers, it depends on the length of stay and the extent and type of content and if it is for an entire community or a group of tourism businesses.

Lots of factors to consider. However one thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed when all is said and done.

We pride ourselves on open communication and boots-on-the-ground research and interaction. We use the 7-point strategy to evaluate and re-evaluate communities and our tourism marketing programs. They are people, product, promotion, branding, target market, positioning and packaging.