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Canada Community Programs

Best in Canada – Award-winning authentic and customizable online content marketing platforms and training programs for tourism and economic development. Our Canada community marketing programs are specifically built for small to mid-size towns.

Canada Tourism Marketing Services

Canada Tourism Business Marketing Services – EHCMG owns and manages Canada’s best and largest adventure travel planning and booking website which your tourism business should be advertising on. EHCMG also builds, hosts and search engine optimizes websites for clients.

Canada Community Projects

Community Project Management – Experienced in small town innovative tourism and economic development projects from conception to management to completion. Our Canada community marketing projects specialize in small communities.

Public Speaking & Courses

Public Speaking, and Courses – Greg Girard, Co-Bro Founder of EH Canada Marketing Group, is a respected award-winning speaker, influencer and trainer. Greg brings his passion and energy to every presentation and training course.

100% Canadian Owned & Operated

Canada Community Marketing Programs and Innovation

EH Canada Marketing Group (EHCMG) is a team of tourism and economic development marketing strategists, consultants and influencers building global, national and provincial award-winning platforms and training programs for small to mid-size communities.  They have an extensive background researching and studying small towns in Canada having studied over 1000+ communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast. From their research they have created an award-winning suite of websites, marketing and training programs, projects and products designed specifically to meet the needs and challenges of small towns, and small businesses.

“[You] have created the positive energy and focus we need moving forward for the next 10 years.”

Kathy Castro – Director Tourism Nicola Valley

The team at EH Canada Marketing Group provides proven, unique and innovative Canada community marketing programs and platforms which are authentic and easily customizable to develop brands effectively, and target new groups. The award winning platforms and training programs, as well as their many community projects, address the many challenges of small towns and small businesses including lack of time, staff, skills and funding. With the right commitment, tools, training and support any small town can compete at an urban level. All our services, programs and products are created specifically for smaller towns, rural regions and small businesses. We are small town and proud of it.


Shelley Sanders - Canadian Country Music Heritage Society

“This is the best thing that’s happened for Merritt in a long time!”

Jackie Tegart MLA - Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

“The new website will allow those both near and far to see for themselves what we have to offer. The spotlight will be placed on local businesses and organizations to promote products, services and events. The exposure will entice people to visit and support these hardworking folks in the valley. The program makes it easy to book a trip to the region, with recommendations and insights from local resident bloggers.”

Mae Ketter - CED Co-ordinator

“Thanks to our Contractor Eh Canada Travel for all the hard work, managing all the pieces to get them in place. This was a huge project and now we have something to be extremely proud of.”

Tom Avon, Canada Prestige Awards

Awarded the “Canadian Marketing Program of the Year” “[i]n a relatively short space of time [Tourism Nicola Valley] has clearly created something unique in the market that is making a big difference to people in the community. The program is both informative and educational and really helps put a focus on local businesses and what they do well. There is no question [that] the program will encourage more to visit the region. We are very pleased to recognize [this] hard work.” Tom Avon, Canada Prestige Awards.

Dale Wheeldon, BCEDA President and CEO

Awarded the 2021 BC Economic Development Community Project Award “the BCEDA has given these awards to individuals and groups who have dedicated their time to community-based economic development. These awards recognize BCEDA members’ outstanding work in supporting their local economies, and making a meaningful difference in their communities.” Dale Wheeldon, BCEDA President and CEO.

M. Olguin - Community Futures

“Congratulations.. wow who else gets kudos from that far around the world. This is such an awesome program. Merritt and the Nicola Valley are so privileged to have Eh Canada Travel working for our community.”

Anoop Sekhon, Best Western

“This new and exciting venture for smaller communities is fantastic!! It is a huge asset to the community and we look forward to seeing it flourish further as the program grows.”


Because we know, first hand, the challenges facing the tourism industry and the economic challenges of small communities in Canada. Recently, our team completed a 10+ year study researching tourism and the economic development needs of small towns in Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast. It was a boots-on-the-ground research expedition exploring all regions of the country. We researched over 1000+ communities, 4700+ parks and historic sites, and more. We listened and learned to the locals. They told us that time, staff, skills and funding are the greatest challenges facing small towns and rural regions when implementing tourism and economic development programs, let alone maintaining them. So we focused on solutions for small towns, not excuses.

The team at EH Canada Marketing Group work with communities, regions, locals, small businesses, volunteers, groups, clubs and non profits through every stage of development and training of their programs. EHCMG operates best in the trenches, on the front lines with your community, and not from a corporate office in some ivory tower. While the tourism industry focuses on elaborate tradeshows, corporate entities and urban centres, we specialize in small town needs through analysis, development and implementation. Work with us because we talk small town producing global results.

Marketing for Tomorrow Today

The Canada tourism marketing industry, technology, traveller habits and your community are always changing. Covid, supply chains, travel restrictions, world events, natural disasters have reminded us how fragile our small towns really are.  Because the world is changing fast, it is even more important that small communities are proactive, taking responsibility for their own future therefore avoiding being reactive, and playing catch up all the time… because playing catch up is very expensive.

“Change is exciting when communities market in real time, and engage with their audience,” Greg Girard – EHCMG

EHCMG provides customized authentic marketing programs online, in print and on the ground.  Their focus is on small town needs, visitor wants, and small businesses so your region may compete at an urban level. They create authentic and customizable Canada community marketing programs, strategies, platforms and training programs tailored to your needs. The team at EHCMG will provide the expertise and knowledge to grow your small town community forward using the tools of tomorrow for your needs of today.

The “Experience Community Program” levels the tourism marketing and promotion playing field between small and urban centres.


Canada community marketing programs, platforms, and training courses built for small towns in Canada.

Experience Community Program

Authentic Online Marketing Program For Small Towns

AWARD WINNING Canada Community Marketing Program – Get the community involved! Increase community pride. Take back search engines. Dominate social media. Sign up your community on our online marketing platforms and training programs created for small towns.


Advertising website for tourism, travel and adventure businesses in Canada

Sign Up Your Tourism Business

Advertise Your Business. No hidden fees. No commission. Just results.

Tourism Business Advertising – International accolades and numerous awards for the Best Planning Travel Website in Canada! Advertise and promote your business on our international and national award-winning travel and booking adventure tourism website.


Travel and community influencers in Canada who work with small villages and their tourism and economic development needs.

Hire A Travel Influencer

Canada Award Winning Influencer Program

Canada Travel Influencer Marketing –  Invite one or many of our award-winning Canada adventure tourism travel influencers to your community or region to create quality content, experiences, stories, photo galleries, and videos which resonate on search engines and social media.

Join The Adventure Seeker Club

Join Canada’s Fastest Growing Online Adventure Travel Club

Come and join the adventure seeker club if Canada and learn new skills and meet fellow adventure enthusiasts across Canada.

Become A Canada Influencer – Join Canada’s only online Adventure Seekers Club. Learn new skills, meet like minded people, make connections, share adventures and get noticed.

Visit The Travel Talk Community

Real Adventures by Real People in Real Time.

Join as an Adventure seeker or an advertising business and have access to creating content for the live Travel Talk Community,

Real People, Real Time Adventures – Tired of old tourism news, photos, videos? We are. Visit the live travel community full of real time adventures by real people doing real things as it happens!

Training Library

The Moose Academy

The Moose Academy is an online training library for small and mid size communities in Canada

Online Training – Meet Professor Moose at the Moose Academy. The academy is an online resource training library with over 100+ lessons and courses for small towns and businesses.

Canada Community Marketing Program Awards

100% Made-In-Canada

Best in Canada small town marketing program

Winner “Canada Marketing Program of the Year” Canada Prestige Awards

Best in British Columbia community marketing and training program built for small towns under 20000 population.

Winner “Economic Development Community Project Award Less Than 20,000 Population” BC Economic Development Awards

EH Canada Marketing Group is awarded Best in Canada Business Awards.

Winner “Best Adventure Vacation Planner 2022” Canadian Business Awards by Corporate Vision

Areas of Expertise

Canada Tourism Marketing –  Community Economic Development – Community Marketing – Travel and Tourism Research – Strategic Plans –  Marketing Plans – Economic Development – Content Marketing – Training – Project Management – Public Speaking – Social Media and we are big supporters of thinking differently and implementing pride into a community.


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Customer Satisfaction

This is really great! Thank you to you and your team for all that you do for this awesome valley of ours. In all my years here, I don’t think anyone has done as much or as good a job to promote our region like you all have!”

“This is the best thing that’s happened in our community in a loooong time”

“This new and exciting venture for smaller communities is fantastic!! It is a huge asset to the community and we look forward to seeing it flourish further as the program grows.”

“Developing a working model for community tourism marketing is one of the most important and sometimes elusive tasks for community groups. Your program has created the positive energy and focus we need moving forward in the next 10 years.” Kathy Castro – Planet Hair and Spa

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