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Canada Tourism Marketing Services, Advertising and Platform

Canada Tourism Marketing – The team at EHCMG provide effective and economical tourism, economic development and small business internet services and platforms.

  • EHCMG builds websites, hosts websites and search engine optimizes websites.
  • EHCMG owns and manages Canada’s best and largest adventure travel website which your tourism business should be advertising on.

Over 93% of travellers plan their travels online. Yet, most websites are big corporate booking-only online travel agency (OTA) platforms with hefty commission fees. The revenues taken by an OTA leaves the country and is never to be seen again. It could all be avoided if your website pages each positioned separately for top keyword searches and you advertised on award-winning Canadian travel websites. EH Canada Marketing Group can assist you on both tourism fronts.

Our server, for hosting your website, is the highest quality server technology available on the market. It is a dedicated server for tourism ventures only. Our search engine optimization team can put your business on the first page of search engines for community key word searches. And we specialize in tourism, small business and economic development programs designed for small to mid-size communities.

What People Are Saying ...

Serena - Adams River Rafting

“As a tourism company owner my eyes were truly opened,” Serena – Adams River Rafting

Ged Brown - Low Season Traveller

“This is just so classy. Thoughtful, creative, kind and well, just everything you would expect from these guys who are doing such an amazing job promoting Canada to the world.” Ged Brown – Low Season Traveller

Juli Marie Davine

“Canada Travel Website you do an excellent job promoting Canada. Your posts are always interesting and we all appreciate the work you do. Your page has helped us plan the best way to spend 6 weeks in Canada. Credit where credit is due.” Juli Marie Davine

Mitch Willfield

“I cannot say how impressed we are watching what you are doing for Canada communities. It looks like your unique style and innovative programs are leading the way to recovery. I want our community to hire you,” Mitch Willfield!

Kevin Hughes

“U 2 R making a real difference as how to look at Canada. Cheers!” Kevin Hughes

Cary Horning

“Best tourism website in all of Canada” Cary Horning

Tammy B.

“Your hard work and amazing dedication to Canadian tourism is over the top!! Your team need an extremely huge amount of praise from every Canadian you’ve ever shaken hands with along your adventures!! I hope you both know how appreciated you both are!!” Tammy B.

Randy Olsen

“It’s friendly, informative and it’s all about the vastness & beauty of Canada, which just happens to be, ‘my home & native land’. Keep up the good work guys!” Randy Olsen

Canada Tourism Marketing Travel Website

Canada Tourism Marketing

International and national award-winning adventure travel planning and booking website.

Advertise With Benefits … is a privately operated, award-winning, authentic Canadian travel and adventure planning and booking website with real-time content created by influencers and tourism businesses just like yours. It is a 16,000 page real-time Canada tourism marketing website with content updated daily as it happens across Canada. Much of which is on the first pages of search engines and resonates on social media.

“Booked for the whole 2021 Tourism Season. Thank you eh Canada Travel. ” Little Beach Resort

Travellers plan vacations first before booking. Our travel and adventure website gets your business in front of the traveller exploring Canada during the planning process with a good chance of being there for them in the booking process as well. We connect the traveller directly to your tourism business, often because of our planning information, when they book they stay longer. We know the system, and we know how much businesses save when travellers book directly. Our website sends travellers to your best booking tool – your website. No commissions. No fees. No hassles. Just bookings. And you have the tools to increase bookings.

“Amazing, fun loving and adventurous ! Take the time to explore Canada with these guys and have the time of your life” Vicki M.

  • includes a business listing
  • includes access to content marketing and social media tools
  • includes a Business Travel Profile
  • includes access to the lessons and courses on the Moose Academy Training Resource Library
  • includes access to the Travel Talk Community
  • includes access to our e-commerce online shopping mall (coming soon)

Canada Tourism Marketing Website Awards and Accolades…

  • “Best Adventure Vacation Planner 2022” Canadian Business Awards
  • “Top Website 2022” The TGE Awards
  • “Safest Website for Travel Users in 2022!” Surly
  • ” Best 100% Canadian Travel Website” New World Tourism
  • “2021 Best Canadian Inbound Travel & Tourism Marketing Business” Lux Life Hospitality Awards
  • “2020 Best Nationwide Adventure Travel Company” AI Travel Awards
  • “Top 20 Canadian Travel Website To Watch (2019)” Feed Spot

EHCMG Builds Tourism Websites

Website Design Packages

Website Design Canada

Canada Tourism Marketing Website Design Team & Services

“ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works, how it engages, how it interacts and how it resonates on search engines and social media. If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Our Website Design Team Benefits …

The website design team at EHCMG brainstorm, build, launch, maintain and update tourism websites for accommodations, attractions, tours, guides, tourism associations,  and more. Canada marketing services at EH Canada Marketing Group use only the best coding techniques and interactive tools to produce visually attractive websites which do well on search engines, social media, as well as, enhance conversion rates of travellers. An EHCMG website is visually stunning, easy to navigate, mobile ready, fast loading, search engine ready, and implements strong security protocols.

“I booked my accommodation, attractions and planned my adventures on your websites. Great information for assisting me in my travels. Thank you for all the work you do!” Jason B.

Well others build websites using old static website models from yesteryear, the team at EHCMG builds interactive websites with high engagement rates using tomorrow’s technology.  We at EHCMG are with you long term teaching and upgrading your website for as long as you will have us.

Combined with other content marketing modules provided by EHCMG your website would be dynamic, interactive and engaging. With the right website package there are no extra fees, minimal maintenance, and your website is self populating and always current.  You may not need to buy another website ever again using tomorrow’s technology today.

Canada Tourism Marketing Hosting Services

Website Hosting Packages

Quality Dedicated Server for Tourism Businesses

Our Website Hosting Benefits …

EHCMG website hosting packages are housed on a dedicated server reserved for tourism and small businesses only. Our hosting services uses CDN technology which means anyone worldwide can access the site at lightning fast speeds. Our server provides unlimited upload and download information by website visitors; unlimited storage of data; and SSL Encryption which provides a secure safe environment for your website. There are unlimited email accounts; a CMS (Customer Management System); website back-up for protection; and updates to keep the site secure.

“Best service ever. We left for a cheaper price. We came back because of results, quality and reliability. You get what you pay for and these guys are all quality!” Randy Oliwa – Little Beach Resort

Well others host your website, never to be heard from again, we at EHCMG are with you long term updating and upgrading our server so your websites do well.  We are not the cheapest, but then again, you get what you pay for. We do not want your website to be compromised in anyway at anytime. With us you talk to a real person living in Canada when you need them.

Canada SEO Tourism Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

First Page Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Optimization Benefits …

EHCMG search engine optimization experience and knowledge caters to the needs and wants of small businesses, tourism ventures and community groups. Search engine optimization provided by EHCMG includes a website analysis, website page updates, search engine analysis, keyword search analysis, and necessary updates to accommodate changing search engine algorithms, as well as, a toll free phone number for service enquiries.

“I love this travel site. As an accommodation provider, they are always finding ways to send traffic to my website, and I love browsing their informative (and often funny) articles.” Marilyn McEwen – Ucluelet.

Our search engine optimization team will position your website for top community keyword search terms using the latest SEO marketing techniques and tools. From 2020 to 2022, the team at EHCMG have acquired over 5000+ top keyword search phrases on Google, Bing and Firefox. In many cases outperforming websites like the regional and provincial tourism websites, Trip Advisor and