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Greg Girard is the passionate Co Bro Founder of the EH Canada Marketing Group. Greg likes people, places and, yes, public speaking. His enthusiastic positive approach to hosting, interviewing, speaking and headlining events, festivals, shows, fundraisers, complimented by his experiences and knowledge, will delight audiences in your community. Greg is real people, and talks in your language. He will not overwhelm you with fancy words, big charts and coloured graphs. He is not government.

Greg is an award winning speaker who participated in a 12 year study researching and documenting tourism and economic development in over 1200+ small and rural communities across Canada, as well as, over 5000+ parks, historic sites, and attractions. Greg’s approach to talking and hosting tourism and economic development events is based on research, innovation, travel trends and technology.

Today, Greg is the co-bro founder of the EH Canada Marketing Group,  a unique Canadian tourism consulting firm. Currently, the team is led by Greg and Colin Girard (The Brothers of Tourism). Together they grow and manage the largest privately operated, award-winning, adventure tourism website in Canada, a leading Canada adventure influencer program and an award winning small town online content marketing and training program.

What People Are Saying ...

Laurie Turmel

Greg is a great teacher, he has the right skills and personality to make his students pay attention. I would recommend Greg to communities across Canada without hesitation.”

Creative Planet M

“Thanks for helping drive industry change.”

Serena - Adams River Rafting

“As a tourism company owner my eyes were truly opened!”

Jimi Coplen - The Rural Spark

“”These guys were fun and knowledgeable. Follow these guys for lots of great travel industry information.”

Community Futures

“Excellent communicator. Very positive. No negative comments. Great teacher,”

Jenn Johnson - Arbonne Consultant

“Tons of info! Very Charismatic. Keeps it interesting. Should definitely do more training!!!”

JoJo - Work BC

“Best seminar I have ever attended! Do not change a thing.”

Shelley Sanders - Canadian Country Music Heritage Society

The BEST thing that has happened in our community in the last 10 years!”

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“Greg is an award winning tourism entrepreneur. His presentations are top rated because they empower his audiences.” Community Futures

Public Speaking …

Economic development and tourism public speakers in Canada cover many various topics. Many are at a very high level, talking corporate speak, suited for urban centres and big city challenges.

Greg Girard is an award-winning entrepreneur and well respected speaker for small towns. He has spoken at universities to town halls,. Greg has researched small towns for most of his life. He lives in small towns and Greg believes in small towns.  There is not one urban bone in his body.

Speaking fee starts at $1500 per event.

    • Speaking fees do not include transportation and accommodation costs. 


Stop Waiting! It Is So Small Town.

Technology is changing at lightening speeds. The technology available today provides all the programs, skills and tools you need for your small community to thrive and compete online at the same high level as urban centres.  It is time to stop waiting for tourism associations to come to your rescue. They have their own challenges. Greg discusses tools, programs, technology and traveler trends which will assist your community moving forward.


Community Marketing Is Not The Devil.

Social media is a waste of time. Blogging takes too much time? My website doesn’t work? I have no time. I have not received any bookings? I do not understand it? I do not know where to start? Greg discusses the programs, platforms, benefits, challenges and myths of social media and content creation in the tourism industry. Content is king.  Tourism public speaking allows Greg to share the why and how.


Think Like A Traveller, Not Like A Local.

So many communities market their destination targeting locals without even knowing it. It is not their fault. They are thinking like a local. Travellers think differently than a local. They search differently. Their wants are different. Their knowledge of your region is limited. Travellers do not know your backyard like you do. Greg discusses thinking like a traveller, marketing for travellers, and changing traveller trends, habits and technology.

Master of Ceremonies & Hosting

Master of Ceremonies (MC) of an event, hosting a talk show or interviewing celebrities and dignitaries takes preparation, quick thinking, professionalism and a likeable personality. Greg Girard ticks all the boxes.

You would think in an ideal world the Host or MC would automatically be prepared, have nerves of steel, be a quick learner, be able to improvise, read a room, never get rattled, and always keep the show on schedule. Not so much. Hosts vary. Do your research and seek out a real pro who will anticipate problems, have a “Plan B”, because there are always going to be some surprises.

“Love working with the team at eh Canada. They are so friendly, helpful and just great to work with.” Daphne Hunter

Greg Girard, has MC’d, interviewed and hosted many events online and in person including a 12 hour fundraising telethon, music concerts, events and award shows. The team at EHCMG can assist with scheduling, script development, broadcast format, technology, and set designs.

On larger events, featuring tourism and the Canadian music entertainment industry, EHCMG may be able to assist in providing some assistance with booking guests and entertainers.

Hell or High Water Telethon and Concert for BC Flood and Fire Communities

Master of Ceremony Opening Dialogue

Chris Flynn – WTACH

Interview with World Tourism Association CEO

Training Courses …

Training and sharing experiences and knowledge is what EHCMG does well. We provide communities and groups with the skills and techniques they need to give your community and small businesses a chance to improve their understanding of search engines and social media so to advance your community forward in a very competitive tourism market. EHCMG provides 1 and 2 day training courses based on the wants and needs of the community.

(1) Course 101 – The Basics of Social Media for Small Towns (2 Hours). Learn the basics to Facebook and how to get the ball rolling. Why Facebook? It is the most used platform for travel by visitors. It is the most used platform by tourism businesses. It is the most important platform to grow your business.

(2) Course 102 – Content Marketing Saves Small Towns (3 Hours). You create all this content online and nothing takes, why is that? Learn how to create effective content, the tools available and the techniques involved to position on the first page of search engines and resonate on social media.

(3) Course 103 – Your Website Is Your Personality (2 Hours) . This is the meat of your business. When all the pieces are in place, your website can be the focus of your strategy and it should be. However, just having a website is not enough. It has to be working for you. We talk about what your website should be and could be with the right look and feel.

(4) Course 104 – Introduction to the Award Winning Experience Community Program (3 Hours).  Most small communities lack staff, time, resources, skills and funding when implementing and maintaining online community programs. And sadly, the results are not there. The Experience Community Program saves you time, and money. And in-house editing and training produces effective results. Small towns can compete and beat urban centres on search engines and social media with this program.

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