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Experience Community, an award-winning online community marketing program, built for small to mid-sized small communities in Canada

Small town online content marketing platform and training program

Community Marketing Program

Small Town Marketing Strategy Ideas and Content Marketing Program in Canada – Experience Community is a national and provincial award-winning authentic community online content and social media marketing and training program created for small to mid-sized towns in Canada. It is a new approach, based on research, to community marketing which has proven itself to be effective, efficient, economical and proven.  It is the first of its kind.

“The “Experience Community Program” levels the tourism marketing and promotion playing field between small and urban centres,” Amber Papou – CEO Keystone Marketing.

The authentic online marketing and training program, Experience Community, is an interactive, customizable platform, populated by real-time adventures, activities and events. Your small town community website grows in real time, always current and in season. The stories, photo galleries, videos and more are all created by participating locals using customized tools and techniques. All content is edited by EHCMG ensuring content does well on search engines and social media. Training is every month and ongoing as the platform, technology and traveller habits change. You will never need another website again.

However, the Experience Community program is a very customizable Small Town Marketing Strategy. It will compliment and direct travelers to any existing online tourism marketing platforms currently in use. You can continue with your traditional website or, in time, phase it out and save tens of thousands of dollars with an Experience Community website.

Best in Canada Small Town Marketing Strategy

Best Marketing Program in Canada “[i]n a relatively short space of time [Tourism Nicola Valley] has clearly created something unique in the market that is making a big difference to people in the community. The program is both informative and educational and really helps put a focus on local businesses and what they do well. There is no question [that] the program will encourage more to visit the region. We are very pleased to recognize [this] hard work.”

Tom Avon, Canada Prestige Awards.

Best in British Columbia Small Town Marketing Program

Best Community Marketing Program for communities under 20,000 pop. “the BCEDA has given these awards to individuals and groups who have dedicated their time to community-based economic development. These awards recognize BCEDA members’ outstanding work in supporting their local economies, and making a meaningful difference in their communities.”

Dale Wheeldon, BCEDA President and CEO.

Canada Certificate of Excellence

Canada Certificate of Excellence “ You have created a winning focus on showcasing all the beauty and splendor that your region has to offer to an audience that has spanned the globe, all while positively impacting your local community as well. I wish you all the best as you celebrate these outstanding achievements. ”

Blake Richards – Federal MP – Tourism Critic

Small community online content marketing platform and training program

Experience Community Program

National and provincial award-winning small town tourism and economic development program

Program Applications

  • develop tourism seasons
  • increase business downtown
  • increase economic development investment
  • target new tourism groups
  • develop and grow new tourism seasons
  • promote physical inventory
  • promote small business / non profits / groups
  • attract new families
  • attract / promote events
  • increase community pride
  • generate revenue

Community Benefits

Every tourism venture, group, association receives a business listing(s), an interactive personal Travel Profile and access to our training library and unique content marketing tools (1 year term) when participating in the Experience Community small town marketing and training program.

Tell Me More?

The Experience Community award-winning content marketing program is the first of its kind. It is a proven model of website and social media marketing of real adventures in real time by real people. After a 12 year study of small towns, it became very apparent that all the community marketing platforms on the market today are built for urban centres. They do not work for small towns. They require staff, skills, time and funding.

The Experience Community platform is built for small towns, removing the barriers of time, skill, and staff. The photo galleries, videos, events, stories, podcasts and more of the Experience Community model are all created and posted by trained locals and influencers as it happens in your community. The platform is maintained, updated automatically. Your brand is always growing and changing with seasons. Training is monthly.

Imagine, no more static websites, which are out of date, out-of-touch, and come with high costs to purchase and maintain. The Experience Community program empowers your locals and community. Your community brand is always up-to-date, exciting and changing.

Why the Experience Community Program?

  • 100% Made In Canada Platform and Training Program
  • built for small towns
  • real-time “living” website
  • connected to a national network
  • no additional staff required
  • increase community pride
  • customizable platform
  • access to authentic content marketing tools
  • no website maintenance and updating
  • search engine optimized content
  • social media friendly
  • create community ambassadors/celebrities
  • monthly training
  • in-house editing
  • grant writing assistance available
  • social media marketing (optional)

” Your program is a clear, well-designed marketing program having all of us in the business community moving in a positive direction as one unit. Your program is doing a superior job at introducing more travelers to the valley.” Gurpreet Sekhon – Ramada Inn

Video Community Testimonials

Small Town Businesses Show Massive Support For Program

Small businesses in the community of Merritt BC speak out about the Experience Nicola Valley Program in their community.

Why Your Community Needs Experience Community

C0-Bro Founder of the EH Canada Marketing Group shares why your community should consider the “Experience Community” Platform & Training Program

Panel Speaks About Small Community Marketing Program

Advertising Executive, Community Futures and participating community influencer sit down and discuss the many benefits of the Experience Community Program.

What People Are Saying ...

BC Business Magazine

“This volunteer community engagement effort has brought the community together to ensure a better, stronger future!”

Kathy Castro - Board Director Tourism Nicola Valley

“Developing a working model for community tourism marketing is one of the most important and sometimes elusive tasks for small community groups. The Experience Community Program has created the positive energy and focus we need moving forward in the next 10 years.”

Theo Joseph

“Best program we have seen in these parts for some time, and by these parts, I mean British Columbia, Canada. Unique, fun, informative and connects community with tourism. Well done!”

JoJo Street

“This is really great! Thank you to you and your team for all that you do for this awesome valley of ours. In all my years here, I don’t think anyone has done as much or as good a job to promote our region like you all have!”

Manuel Olguin - Community Futures

“Congratulations.. wow who else gets kudos from that far around the world. This is such an awesome program. We are so privileged to have Eh Canada Travel working in our community. [They] have sure raised the bar here. I hope other small communities will come on board.”

Shelley Sanders - Canadian Country Music Heritage Society

“This is the best thing that’s happened in our small community in a long time”

Anoop Sekhon - Best Western

“This new and exciting venture for smaller communities is fantastic!! It is a huge asset to the community and we look forward to seeing it flourish further as the program grows.”

Tod Dean - Merritt Printing

“(You) have delivered an engaging and informative marketing platform. It is an exciting, fresh and new approach to economic development that is receiving tremendous praise inside and outside the community.”

Areas of Expertise

Canada Tourism Marketing –  Community Economic Development – Community Marketing – Travel and Tourism Research – Strategic Plans –  Marketing Plans – Economic Development – Content Marketing – Training – Project Management – Public Speaking – Social Media and we are big supporters of thinking differently and implementing pride into a community.